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I'm Mario, an exceptionally creative individual with a passion for helping people and businesses achieve their goals through positive user experiences.

I'm a UI/UX designer proficient in User Research, Usability Testing, Competitive Analysis, Prototyping and Figma with a background in music, songwriting, and oil painting.


UI/UX designer

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Project Summaries


Feed is a tipping software feature for music streaming services.


Recording artists are suffering financially due to the rise of streaming.

Fans need a way to directly contribute to the artists they love.


Successfully created tipping mechanism that drastically increases artists' compensation while highlighting users' desire to be part of the solution.

Ticket Mensch

Ticket Mensch is an online travel agency that specifically targets the needs of the Orthodox Jewish community.


The Orthodox community doesn't have an OTA that is sensitive to their cultural values and tech fluency.


Successfully created hi-fidelity prototypes for mobile and desktop. User interviews were crucial for ensuring users' goals were met.

Meteor Bikes

Meteor Bikes is an eCommerce app geared for high income bike enthusiasts.


High percentage of cart abandonment; we need to make app more engaging to boost conversion.


Extensive user interviews with professional cyclists led to functional prototype. More iteration required to meet all user goals.

Tiny Tales

Tiny Tales is Children's eBook app that needed some help in this modified Design Sprint.


Users can get stalled in the process of searching for eBooks that fit their specific parameters.


Competitive Analysis led to a remix of the search feature. User testing proved remix to be successful; however, other issues were uncovered and more iteration is required.

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