As a small child Mario Matteoli used to make up songs about G.I. Joes and Michael Jackson while dancing for his older siblings around the wood-fire stove in their parents' rustic Victorian mansion on the North Coast.  In the mornings he would often feign illness to avoid the first grade, miraculously recovering in time to tag along when his mother would leave to teach her high school art class.  By the age of 19, he had decided he wanted to be a professional musician and moved to Austin, Texas with neighborhood friends.  After years of touring, nationally and abroad, he left the road and met his wife, artist Cayce Matteoli, that very week.  With time on his hands, he began painting and recalled many of the techniques he'd seen his mother teaching years before.  He lives with his wife and daughter in Kyle, Texas where he considers himself to be the luckiest man alive.